Terms and Conditions

How can I help my client find a new place if I have to cancel?

If your plans change you have to cancel a guest's reservation, your guest will be notified immediately via email and sent rebooking options similar to your listing.

You won't receive a payout for the canceled reservation, and your guest will be given the opportunity to request a full refund or get help booking a new place.

Because cancellations disrupt guests' plans and impact confidence in the 3S community, we apply additional penalties to host cancellations regardless of which option your guest chooses.

What are 3S's standards and expectations?

To help keep our community safe and trusted, we’ve published our standards and expectations for all hosts and travelers.

We developed these standards based on our extensive experience interacting with members of the 3S community. These standards are intended to gather together our existing policies into a single framework that will help members of the 3S community better understand what to expect from us and what we expect of them.

How will the standards be enforced?

Each enforcement decision is the result of careful and detailed work by a team of experts devoted to ensuring we make the right call. Our responses to violations of these policies have been and will continue to be based on the seriousness of the issue. We will strive to take the circumstances of each situation into account when reaching our enforcement decision, but we have limited discretion in our response to serious violations of the policies.

What can I do if I disagree with a decision?

Our enforcement teams are made up of dedicated professionals, but they’re still human. So, in rare cases, enforcement decisions may be incorrect. If you disagree with a decision we’ve made, you can contact us and we’ll re-review the decision carefully. The definitions of the standards and expectations themselves aren’t subject to review.

Will the standards change over time?

We’re always learning and growing and the standards and expectations will evolve over time. Make sure to review the standards if you have any questions about a particular situation.