1. What is the cost of renting a house on rent.3si.vn?

3S will not charge any fees to the tenant. In addition, when looking for rent on 3S, you will be consulted enthusiastically with all inquiries.

2. When I found a nice house, would I have to contact 3S to see the house, or contact the owner yourself?

You will contact the host directly by name, address and phone number in the top right corner of the post. If you have any difficulty finding a home, call our hotline at + (8424) 3795 6671.

3. In addition to motels, motels, 3S, are available for rent and office space.

3S provides a full range of real estate rental projects ranging from motels, motels priced from 500,000 VND to 4,000,000 VND. In addition, we also provide other high-end real estate projects such as private homes, street houses, lands for families in need. In addition, we also provide rental services for shops, kiosks, offices ... with prices from 5 million VND to 100 million ... 3S provides rental information about all types of real estate you shallow.

4. I want to post rental information on 3S. What do i do?‚Äč

To post rental information on 3S, you can do 2 ways: Method 1: Call the hotline number +(8424) 3795 6671. The CS help staff will help you from AZ. Method 2: Follow the instructions posted in the section: Guides are link (link ...), or click on FREE REGISTRATION on the right corner on the same website (link: //rental.3si.vn)

5. Post rent on 3S cost?

In 2017, posting rental accommodation on 3S is completely FREE. You do not lose any extra costs.

6. How long will my post be shown?

Your post will exist in the system of 3S permanently. Once you have found the landlord, you just contact us, we will remove the information from the search system. When the room is back, you just need to contact the CTUH to believe.

7. Outside of Hanoi, can I search for real estate projects in other provinces and cities?

Currently the new 3S project is launching and serving customers in Hanoi. In the coming time we will have new strategies to expand the project throughout the country.